Kaizer Water Geyser


Kaizer Water Geyser


You can get hot water in no time with the help of the goodflame Kaizer Grey 3 L Instant Water Heater. Its rust-resistant, strong, and high-quality engineered polymer construction ensures enduring performance. Additionally, the superior finish of its outer body ensures that this water heater keeps looking good even after extended use. Moreover, this water heater has LED indicators, which turn red when turned on and turn green when the heating is activated.


  • Instant Useful for Kitchen, quick water heating
  • 3 L Greater the Capacity, more the users can be served for bath/wash
  • 6.5 Bar : Pressure rating >8 bar is suitable for High Rise buildings
  • Vertical : Suitable for large wall spaces
  • Warranty: 2 Years Warranty on Product
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