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GoodFlame Gas Stove is a leading manufacturer and provider of high-quality gas stoves designed to meet the diverse needs of modern kitchens. With a commitment to innovation, safety, and efficiency, GoodFlame has established itself as a trusted brand among households and culinary professionals alike. The Brand has quickly gained a reputation for its innovative designs, reliable performance, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at GoodFlame Gas Stove is to revolutionize the cooking experience by offering innovative, reliable, and energy-efficient gas stoves that enhance the culinary journey of our customers.


We envision a world where cooking is not just a necessity but a delightful experience, made possible through our cutting-edge gas stove technology and unwavering commitment to customers.

Core Values:

Quality: Goodflame prioritizes using premium materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the durability and long-lasting performance of their cooktops.

Innovation: The company continuously strives to develop new and improved cooktop models with advanced features and functionalities, catering to the evolving needs of modern kitchens.

Customer Focus: Goodflame is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, offering comprehensive product support and readily addressing any concerns

Product Range:

Goodflame offers a wide range of cooktops to suit diverse kitchen needs and preferences, including:

Gas Cooktops: Are available in various configurations with 2, 3, and 4 burners, featuring

  • Efficient brass burners
  • Spill-proof designs
  • Durable glass or stainless-steel tops.

Induction Cooktops:

Equipped with modern technology for precise temperature control and energy-efficient cooking.

Hobs & Burners:

Offers individual burners and cooktop surfaces for flexible kitchen setups.

Manufacturing and Distribution:

Goodflame operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility under the guidance and leadership of its parental company, Megha Tech in Faridabad, Haryana, India. The company leverages a robust distribution network to ensure the availability of its products across the country.

Quality Assurance

With carefully designed multi Step processes, we guarantee that every goodflame product is built to last and can fulfil our customers needs for what feels like eternity.

Commitment to Excellence:

Goodflame is committed to continuously improving its products and services, ensuring that their cooktops remain a reliable and efficient choice for Indian kitchens.

About the Parent Company:

Megha Tech is an esteemed organization from Faridabad (Haryana) that is engaged in the manufacturing of a variety of home & kitchen utility products for over a decade now. Being a well known manufacturer in the industry has lead us to provide finely crafted single burner gas stove, electric iron,  double burner gas stove, triple burner gas stove, 4 burner gas stove, and cookware.

Established in 2009,Megha Tech has been frontrunner for provider in different designs, materials, sizes, and specifications to cater to buyers’ diverse requirements and it has lead the company to status of pioneers in innovation for the industry.

For Continuation of Megha Tech’s Legacy, Megha Tech Came up with an innovative brand by the name of goodflame, which continues to follow the value system and quality standards for Megha Tech.

Additional Information:

Trademark Registration: March 27, 2017, Application_ID 3515369 (Haryana, Delhi IP Office)

Manufacturer: Megha Tech, Neharpar Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana,121002


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